Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watching, Waiting, Wishing

Good thing for smart doctors! After culturing some of Dan's spinal fluid to check for infection they found out....(drumroll please) THAT THERE IS NONE!

As boggled as our minds were, we are happy to say that 'possible meningitis' is no longer in our vocabulary. They are going to continue culturing to make sure but with no fever it seems like Dan's pain and nausea was a product of something else.

We got the MRI results back and everything looks pretty good on that side too considering he is only a little over two weeks post op. Doctors are thinking it could potentially be rebound inflammation since he is no longer on steroids that reduced swelling/inflammation after surgery. The neurological team will be consulted on Dan's case to try and figure out the pain he's having. We are happy they are being controlled with medication so most of the time he is pretty comfortable.

His appetite is in full effect which I'm glad to see! We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring. A regular bed opened upstairs so we are out of the room in ER! We loved the nurses there but we are a little more comfortable now that we are upstairs.


  1. I'm so glad to hear there isn't an infection causing the problem. My prayers and love are with you both. Love and Hugs, Dawn Long

  2. We're happy to know that things are looking better, at least no infection. Hang in there, both of you, the doctors will figure this out.
    Love and good thoughts,
    Darlene and Wayne

  3. Just read your update. We hope Dan and you had a good night. Our prayers are with the two of you and like our daily text today, Jehovah never leaves us. My He continue to bless and keep you. We love you two very much. Clayton & Earnestine

  4. Hey Dan,
    Your body took a big hit with surgery, now, it's telling you 'slow down, I'm still healing:)' Too many bugs at the Circuit Assembly. One probably hitch-hiked on the handsomest young man it saw. You're amazing, but patience is good medicine too. This is a real test for you I'm sure. We love you and Lauren and pray for Jehovah's spirit to strengthen and guide you both.

    Nancy M