Saturday, February 9, 2013


 After consulting with the doctors over at the House Clinic around 9am, we had the opportunity to have some of the best surgeons remove Dan's Acoustic Neuroma.  Dan was admitted through the ER across the street at St. Vincent's and surgery was a GO by 2:30pm.
The first day post-op, nurses had Dan up sitting in a chair eating soft foods.  Fortunately, Dan had no nausea or vomiting coming out of anesthesia and his appetite picked up pretty quickly.
 I love this picture.  It was the first real smile that we got to see and I couldn't help but be amazed at how great he looked. 
 Dan got moved out of ICU on Wednesday and in a regular room.  This was such a milestone!  The doctors just kept chuckling in disbelief about how great he was doing considering how large of a tumor he had.  Between the main tumor and a cyst that was connected to it, doctors had a 5cm monster to take out.  The tumor was causing severe brainstem compression and even the experienced doctors at The House Clinic said it was pretty challenging to remove.  But we got the whole thing!  We also found out this day that The House Clinic is going to use Dan's case for a case study to teach other doctors.  All the surgeons said that they learned a lot from Dan's surgery.  Another doctor mentioned that this was his best 'feel good' case in 10 years!  What a rock star!  
 Dan got right to his physical therapy which includes walking and some balance exercises.  He walked all the way from his room to the main waiting room on the 6th floor.  This is where we all anxiously awaited the good news from the Operating Room on Monday.  
 After getting the OK from all of his doctors, Dan was discharged Friday afternoon!  We couldn't have been happier to make the trip home from Los Angeles back to San Diego.  The car ride which we expected to be a little disorienting for him was great.  
 Here is a little video that I took during the transfer from ICU to a regular room.  Proof that the real Dan was back and ready to PARTY! ;)  Love this man.  

Here is a short video during one of Dan's first PT sessions.

Anyway, that's a little photo journey of our crazy week.  Surprisingly, we are headed back to LA on Tuesday to get his stitches out!  

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