Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 3 PM Update

We got moved to a regular room! The transfer didn't happen until around 4:30 so the physical therapy and walking was postponed until tomorrow. Not much other news other than that. He's tucked away right now resting. We are missing the one on one care we received in ICU but hopefully we will be leaving Friday anyway.

He's been craving a caffe mocha, chocolate milkshake and is looking forward to the glass of wine his doctor said he can have after being discharged :)


  1. Hi Lauren and Dan!!!
    Im so happy to read the updates of Dan's progress. I hope he continues to progress even more. Both of you are in our prayers.
    Maricela, Giovanni and Jerry

  2. Ill mess with him ill give a glass of two buck chuck and tell him its some fine italian wine. Glad he is doing good. Ben :)

  3. We have an interesting vintage you guys might enjoy. As soon as Dan is better, we'll pull the cork on it. :)

  4. That's the Dan we all know and love ! Glad he's on the mend ! Hugs and love from malina and Brandon :-)