Monday, February 4, 2013

8:45pm Update

The surgical nurse called the waiting room and said things are still moving along nicely. Our neuro-surgeon is still working on removing the tumor.  At this point any tumor that was occupying the inner ear canal has been removed and they are now working on the part of the tumor that is pushing against the brain. Because of the method they are using to access the tumor, Dan will be completely deaf on the left side but it increases chances for 100% removal of the tumor. All things considered we can say that all the news we gotten so far have been positive. The anesthesiologist on staff also gave us a thumbs up.

Family from both sides are here keeping me company as well as HLC brothers from San Diego an LA. I am definitely feeling an inner peace and calm that I can only attribute to your prayers an Jehovah's help.

Looking forward to more good news to come our way.


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