Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 4 Update

Today was a very active day! We got Dan's bandage off today and the incision looks really clean. He hasn't had really any nausea or dizziness; he is just a little lightheaded and the pain is being managed.  Today was the day he had to begin his physical therapy and occupational therapy. This means he has to make 2 laps around the hospital wing 3-4 times per day and we have some balance and facial exercises to do as well. Each time Dan gets up to do his laps he is stronger and has better balance. During surgery they had to cut the nerve that assists with balance so a little unsteadiness is to be expected. Dan's spirits are high- he's joking around and carrying on conversation. He's getting bored in bed so that's a great sign :) Nurses are saying that he is running a low grade fever again so they are doing some blood cultures and other body fluid tests to make sure there isn't any kind of infection to worry about. The doctors will be coming to do a final exam in the morning to determine if he's ready for discharge late tomorrow afternoon.  We are all looking forward to a more comfortable recovery at home!

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