Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Bump in the Road

Another day, over and done! 18 hours from start to finish...Dan is much more comfortable than he was this morning as his docs and nurses are doing a good job controlling his pain levels. More antibiotics will be fed through his IV through the night to help his body fight off whatever nasty bug he's got in his system. Infection was always a risk for us, we just didn't expect to have it pop up 2 1/2 weeks post op. We figured if it was going to happen it would have already happened. I guess we were just getting so comfortable with things moving smoothly, that this kind of hit us in the same Mack truck way as the diagnosis! It is hard to explain but this bump in the road feels a lot more challenging to handle than that giant hurdle we jumped a few weeks ago. 

But like always, Morgon's fight hard! We are awaiting results of an MRI Dan received this evening and some culture testing they did earlier with his fluids. Happy to say farewell to this long, crazy day! 


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  1. Hi Lauren & Dan,
    WOW, I'm so sad to hear of this setback BUT I'm glad to know he is an a place where he is being well taken care of. I pray for you both to remain strong and know you have tons of love and support surrounding you. Thank you for keeping us all posted thru this site. Love and Hugs, Dawn Long