Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 3 AM Update

Good Morning! Dan is still looking really good today.  He had a low grade fever yesterday that cleared up and they had him transitioned from liquid diet to soft foods this morning. When we walked in to his room in the ICU wing he was sitting up in the chair. They attempted to give him a regular breakfast with pancakes and toast but the trauma to the jaw muscles during surgery has made it a little tough to chew for now. His nurses have been so attentive and whipped up a smoothie for him to drink instead.

During the surgery they took a 'translabyrinthine approach' which means they drill through the bony part of the inner ear. They have to remove the mastoid bone and part of the inner ear bone (specifically the semicircular canals of the inner ear which contain balance receptors). It provides the best results for saving the facial nerve and best results for being able to access the whole tumor. Doctors are very pleased with how Dan's facial muscles are responding. There is a very slight asymmetry that is barely visible and it should improve as the swelling goes down.  I may have mentioned this before but the cons are unrecoverable hearing loss on the affected side and some balance issues that will have to be rehabilitated. All things considered, this was definitely the best approach to take.  

He seems more fatigued today than yesterday because they are trying to increase his activity level. We are looking forward to him getting moved out of ICU in a couple hours. There some physical therapists will get him up and walking late this afternoon. We are all very anxious to see how his balance is. Doctors are hoping to discharge him Friday!! 

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    Thank you for the updates,you both are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Please give Dan a hello from us,and we can't wait for him to get to come home.